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1. Conditions of participation
  • Rýchlik Zoška – Bratislava is a public sports event for trail runnig and long-distance hiking friends.
  • The condition for participation is enrollment form sent (pleasee the website section Registration) and start fee paid based on the instruction received from organizer.
  • Participants take part in the Rýchlik Zoška - Bratislava event at their own risk. The coordinators take no responsibility for the possible harm or damage should any happen to the participants.
  • In case you plan to take your dog with you, please inform us in advace (e-mail to

2. Categories

  • Individuals - ultra trail marathon and long-distance hiking for individual participants
  • Relays - relay teams trail run

3. During the event

  • The event takes place on Saturday 5th of September.
  • All participants have to check-in at the start place before start (presence, control sheets distribution).
  • Start for both categories (individuals and relays) is common at 09.00 CET.
  • First checkpoint (K1) is on the top of the Skalnatá hill. Password is located on the tree near "the summit box". Password has to be remembered, photograped or recorded as it will be requested at the second checkpoint. Second checkpoint (K2) is located at the Pezinská Baba col near the hotel Chata pod Korenným vrchom. This live checkpoint will be offering small refreshment until appr. 11:00 am. Third checkpoint (K3) is Somár - a password will be placed at the tourist signpost, you have to write down/make a photo/remember the passwrd which will be checked at K4. Fourth chckpoint (K4) is a live checpoint with aid station at Neštich in pub/restaunt U malokarpatského pytliaka from 11:00 am until appr. 02:00 pm. In case the participants will miss the live checkpoint time, they can use GPS record or a photo as evidence. Fifth checkpoint (K5 - live checkpoint with aid station) will be in Marianke in Koliba u Johana pub nearby the square in Marianka from 12:00 am to appr. 05:00 pm. Sixth checkpoint (K6) will be placed on the tourist signpost Klanec (password or photo). The participants, who will miss the live checkpoint staff will use GPS or photo as evidence. 
  • Should any participant decide to quit before he can get to the nearest checkpoint, he is obliged to call and inform the organizer asap (the phone number(s) will be in the control sheet which each participant will receive).
  • Participant, who will go through all the checkpoints and will arrive to the finish place within the overall time limit will receive a certificate of the race completion in the category.
  • There will be a meeting of participants and organisers and volunteers in the finish place (after party, no mandatory).
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the event course and programme or to cancel the event (especially for safety reason).

4. Rules for the Relays category

  • Relay teams can consist of minimal two and maximal four runners (which means that one runner can run also in several course passages).


Passage course     Parameters   
1. Zochova chata, parking place – Čermák – Skalnatá – Sedlo pod Javorinou Pezinská Baba (K2) 10 km /+500 m
2. Pezinská Baba  – Tri Kamenné kopce – Kozí chrbát – Salaš  – Neštich, bufet Rozmarín (K4) 17 km /+350 m
3. Neštich – Biely kríž – Pod Bielym krížom – Bystrické – Svätý vrch – Klčovanice – Marianka, U Johana (K5) 13 km /+410 m
4. Marianka, U Johana – Sekyl – Za Kačínom – Kačín – Klanec – Červený most - Bratislava (finish) 10 km /+240 m
  • The relay hand over must be done atr the live checkpoint (K2 Pezinská Baba, K4 Neštich and K5 Marianka). It is not allowed to do the relay handover between the mentioned checkpoints.
  • The member of a relay team, who will be running the 1st course passage from Zochova chata to Pezinská Baba, is allowed to continue as an individual on the 50 km course after the relay hand over at Pezinská Baba. 

5. Mandatory equipment

  • Mobile phone (full charged battery, turned on during the race duration)
  • Cup or tumbler 1,5 dl minimum (we recommend a collapsible or plastic cup)

6. Medical aid and safety

  • Participants are expected to take into consideration their physical cand mental capability for taking part in this event type and make sure they have no injuries or other health problems, which could cause complications during the event.
  • A medic will be present in the event, There will be medical kits at the "live" checkpoints K2, K4 and K5 with equipment for minor injuries treatment.
  • In case of serious healt difficulties please call the 112 emergency number.

7. Refreshment

  • The organizer will provide refreshment at the live checkpoints K2, K4 a K5. At the finish place there will be goulash and further refreshment prepared for the participants.

8. Transport

  • The organizers take no responsibility for transportation of the participants to the start place and from the finish place (also the transportation of the relay team members is individual).
  • The transport for the relay teams is individual. We recommend to keep a sufficient time reserve for moving between the checkpoints where the relay hand over will be done. 

9. Nature protection

  • The participants must take into account, that they going through the úreserved natural area CHKO Malé Karpaty. They are obligated to keep the respective legislative, especially the Nature and landscape protection act nr. 543/2002.
  • The participants must behave considerate in the nature, they are not allowed to leave the marked tourist paths needlessly.
  • The participants are not allowed to throw their garbage away outside the staffed checkpoints or public waste bins.

10. Contact

  • Your questions regarding the registration, organisation, course and further topics can be addressed to